Ferrari 502 

Aside from size, weight, shape, and flexibility, one of the most important things you have to consider when purchasing shade sails is fabric. Fabric for parking shades can be very different from pool shades, for example. You also need different types of fabric for shades for home and shades for commercial use.

Malibu Shade offers a wide range of fabrics from only the most trusted manufacturers who offer the very best in the market. If you are buying for commercial reasons and need something very strong, light, and can withstand constant tension, then the Ferrari Vinyl is perfect for you.

Ferrari Vinyl - Malibu Shade  Ferrari Vinyl - Malibu Shade Ferrari Vinyl - Malibu Shade

Download Ferrari Colour Swatches Brochure

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Precontraint Ferrari Technology

The Ferrari Vinyl uses the exclusive patented Precontraint Ferrari Technology, a process that applies constant tension on the fabric during the entire production cycle. This is called a pre-stressing treatment applie