Folding Arm Awnings

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Looking for an affordable way to extend your living space and enjoy the beauty of everything outdoors? Try Malibu Shade Awnings. These structures are lightweight, easy to maintain, and very affordable alternatives to permanent roof extensions.

Malibu Folding Arm Awnings: The best under the Australian sun


PR230The PR230 is a cartridge marquee. This means that the fabric is rolled up in an aluminum cartridge so that it is additionally protected against dirt and foul weather. What is more: the fabric is also protected and supported by a special profile that is covered on the inside with a synthetic anti-wear profile for better guidance and longer life of the awning fabric. A plastic sliding strip in the cap profile prevents marks on the fabric.

Download PR230 Brochure [PDF 350Kb]


PR220The fabric of the PR220 is protected at the top by an elegant cap. This profile can be easily and quickly mounted on the cap support with a handy click system.
Along the bottom, the compartment is open and the fabric can get some air. The solid corner adjustment guarantees continuous adjustment of the angle of the screen.